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There are lots of handmade soap stores in the city. Regardless of their styles and sizes, it seems that most of the stores emphasise the “Natural” aspect of the products. As a qualified handmade soap crafter, the soap we made focuses not only the “Natural” aspect, but also alleviating the chance of getting allergic for our customers. More importantly, we hope to meet the needs and expectation of our customers.


We are aware that the natural handmade soap lacks the attractive appearance for marketing and inducing the purchasing frequency. For the handmade soap made by natural materials, the appearance is constrained by the limited selection of natural materials. However, could I even try to add some carefully certified scents and colors to keep the appealing appearance and at the same time, the soap could still be safe and less allergic to use for the majority? There are various literatures and scientific researches showed that the decent scents could facilitate human well-being by positively altering our body hormones and facilitating our neural system. Last but not least, our handmade soap, apart from its handmade nature and decent scents, could be used without using cleansing net!


- Gently close your eyes, feel the exotic flavour, enjoy your mind travel! -

Soap? Yes I am! | Travel Series

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